If you can tie a shoelace, you can take this class... All you need is fingers! With Steph from The Mamacita Collective will be guiding you through each step you will learn how to tie the versatile vertical half hitch knot, how to make the most perfectly fluffy pompoms and how to create the ever-popular macrame feather (or leaf).

Whether you're making something for your own home or a heartfelt, handmade gift for a loved one it'll be impossible not to have fun during this creative process.

Using a fusion of textures, with a strong focus on fibre art including natural and upcycled materials such as beads, wooden curtain hoops, copper pipe and foraged driftwood. Put all these elements together and you will create one unique wall totem that measures roughly 20cm across and 50cm long to take home with you.

There will be a selection of both neutral and coloured fibres for you to choose from to achieve your own desired look.

Steph is a self-taught fibre artist and has been experimenting with knots for almost 5 years. Being a bit of a trend rebel she's always pushing the boundaries of traditional macrame and has found herself a whimsically unique, tribal style that she's excited to be sharing with you. She is passionate about the wellbeing of this planet and her love of all the natural elements that keep our mother earth living and breathing is what originally inspired the invention of the wall totem - the ring represents the sun, the copper represents the rainbow, the cotton falling from the rainbow represents the rain/water, the pompoms represent flora, the feathers represent fauna and the colour represents culture & is an all-important form of self-expression. 

Come along for a giggle and a chat about mum life, art, nature & culture with Steph while she guides you through creating your very own unique piece of tribal-inspired wall art.



Our Studio





9 AM -12 PM  


$90 per person + booking fee

All materials supplied + morning tea