Instagram has shaped the way businesses communicate. We can now instantly share our photography, products, services, and blogs with likeminded people all around the world – without paying a cent. We can now attract a global community who will buy our products and services, and who live and breathe everything we do. But there is no point being on Instagram if you don’t know how to use it properly to grow your small creative business.

Jaharn Giles from YOUR CREATIVE START is someone who has grown an Instagram community to over 55,000 engaged people and is excited to show you how in this practical, hands-on workshop designed specifically for small creative business owners. During this workshop, she will teach small creative business owners on how to better use Instagram over 11 detailed modules.

Module 1: Why you need to create a community
Module 2: How to create an engaged community 
Module 3: How to take and edit high-quality imagery 
Module 4: How to write better captions 
Module 5: A few quick tips about hashtags
Module 6: How to grow your community 
Module 7: How to create effective Stories and Highlights 
Module 8: What you need to know about algorithms, insights, and engagement
Module 9: Optimising your Instagram profile 
Module 10: Instagram features coming this year
Module 11: How to create a great workflow 
This workshop is for people who have launched their own small creative business in the last two years and need help using Instagram but don’t know where to start and will need to have used Instagram for their business prior to the workshop and have a good understanding of how to post, how to upload Stories and create to Highlights, and what Insights are. Students will walk away from this workshop feeling armed, inspired, motivated and ready to strengthen their Instagram offering, which they can implement straight away. 

This workshop is not for people who only have a basic understanding of Instagram. Instagram is not the answer - it should simply form a small yet unique part of your overall marketing mix for your business and does not delve into Instagram Advertising.

Jaharn Giles is the founder of Your Creative Start, a creative content marketing studio based in Noosa, Australia. It’s her purpose to help small creative businesses get started and become known for their "something". She specialises in creating social media content, branding, email marketing and blog content to communicate your story through creative content to deliver strategic results. Jaharn launched Your Creative Start in 2016 and has 14 years’ experience in digital marketing, public relations, design and social media in Australia and the UK, working with some big brands including Westfield, KFC, One Seed Perfumes, Acne Studios, We Are Tribe and Sunshine Coast Tourism.

Students are encouraged to bring their fully charged laptop if they want to write notes through this medium, their happiness, positive attitude and willingness too. 
their business cards or products (if they have any) to share and seek feedback with other creatives around the class.
• Notebook and pen
• Workshop Overview PDF sent to students email addresses after the workshop
• There will also be a 15 minute Q&A segment at the end of the workshop



Our Studio 






11.30 AM - 1.30 PM 



$95 per person + Morning tea