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HELLO 👋🏻 to our darling community! It’s Rach here sending big love and virtual hugs to you all 💕💕💕

I just wanted to reach out to you as we navigate through this tricky time as a small business to let you know we are super passionate about keeping our community healthy.

As you may have seen, we have been releasing some really cool kids and adult craft kits to keep you busy and creative during this time. We have so loved this journey, and the growth that has come with it! Our plan is to take June off (still shipping kits, answering emails, and open for private hens/ birthday parties/ craft parties). 

At this stage we are hoping to be open for workshops by July, in time for school holidays!

As this event keeps unraveling some days it just feels so heavy but lets all stay calm, take care of each other, check in with your neighbours and please put the elderly first.

Stay safe, be kind, be generous 💖💖