The Craft Parlour is a place where anyone is welcome to come and get crafty, creative and inspired.

We have a bright and delightful studio on the absolutely picturesque Lemana Lane in Miami QLD. The studio provides a welcoming environment that is a meeting place as much as a craft studio – somewhere you can feel at home, learn a new skill and enjoy unleashing your creativity while connecting with other crafty folk.

Rachael Valentine is the dreamer, creator and crafty soul behind it all. After studying fashion and millinery (hat making!) and working in sewing alterations for six years, Rach had some excellent sewing skills under her belt but realised it was not the path she wanted to follow. She yearned for something more creative, fun and fulfilling. And so the Craft Parlour came into being!

Within the walls of The Craft Parlour Rachael has found her true calling. Nurturing a creative community and providing others with the opportunity to learn a craft makes her heart happy. The simple pleasure of making something beautiful with your hands and being creative is beneficial on so many levels, not to mention a lot of fun!

Crafts of all kinds are welcome at The Craft Parlour and there are no rules to what can happen inside the space. If you have a cool idea (the quirkier the better!) please get in contact because we love to collaborate!

The Craft Parlour studios are very versatile spaces that can accommodate hens dos, crafternoons, baby showers and other intimate, craft-based gatherings. Rach runs some of the workshops herself and outsources others to various talented crafty collaborators.