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The Benefits of Crafting

Make more craft, your creative self will love you.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”  - Albert Einstein


We get it, after a long day, week, at work sometimes you just need to de-stress. It’s all too enticing to get lost in your unwind for endless hours in the shiny face of a phone screen. You don’t know where that hour and a half just slipped you by and before you know it’s dinner hour, then it’s into the smartphone zone again, but you realise you don’t actually feel smarter by watching endless reels of cats doing human things, or have the good feels after scrolling through that fitness account.


Well here is a little bit of wisdom that you can feast your eyes on, word has it that if there is one zone you should be in, it’s the craft-zone. Research even says so. Why? Because of the abundance of benefits it provides for you on so many levels. Yep. Peel your eyes away from that screen (after you read this article of course) and pick up those crochet needles, you can thank us when you made that cute sweater for yourself for Winter and you get to gaze at your new macramé wall hanging instead of your $168 phone bill.


We are sure you would agree that after a good craft sesh you feel like all your mind chatter has drifted away and you feel this sense of accomplishment as you marvel at the end result of your carefully selected project. These double crafting thumbs up aside, we have listed below a few other benefits of getting creative with craft;


Motor Skills / Let's Get Physical


When mastering a new craft there is a mindful process of training your hands to work with your brain to achieve the desired outcome. We are taught eye-hand coordination pretty much as soon as we are crawling, so partaking in an art or craft activity such as sewing, painting or crafting is an awesome way to fine-tune the motor skills for mini makers and adult humans alike. And if you think about it as we get older, and develop weary joints and muscles, crafting is a great way to keep those digits flexed and agile.


benefits of crafting


Emotional Benefits / Feeling The Zen


Unless you were born in another century (where they actually by default and lack of technology mastered the art of mindfulness), you would be partially or well educated on the topic of mindfulness. In such a connected digital world, there has become an increase in the importance of mindful activities to slow the brain down. When we slow down the brain, that’s when all the magic happens within our state of being. Our blood pressure lowers, our happy feel-good hormones increase, our quality of sleep improves, we become happier humans overall, which in turn shares the feel-good vibes with all our nearest and dearest. Overall getting creative with crafting brings so much joy. After a satisfying craft sesh you most definitely will be left with a beaming face, happy heart and happy handmade creations.


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Social Skills / Connection With Others


The best part of hosting a workshop in the studio is witnessing the friendships made over macramé knotting or poised paint brushes. To hone in those crafting techniques, practice makes perfect, but what is just as important is practising craft together. It makes it more entertaining connecting with other creatives who are all teaching and helping each other to finish their creations. It helps to exchange ideas, techniques, provide feedback, and encourage one another. This develops a strong sense of community and connection which can be deeply rewarding. Likewise, with the mini crafters, they say it takes a village to raise a child, well a craft session is an awesome opportunity to get your little human socialising with other kids, learning to not only interact with but assist their peers.


Crafting For The Mini Humans


On the subject of kids, we encourage innovation and imagination around here, and there is no right or wrong way to craft. From a young age, it is important that when getting creative, kids are encouraged to have full self-expression with no pressure to be a perfectionist with their creations. If they can completely express themselves through their craft, it’ll give them great confidence and self-esteem.  As well as setting them up for awesome decision-making abilities as they grow and develop. The use of scissors and other crafting material contributes towards the development of fine motor skills and dexterity.


kids craft workshops gold coast


Tips to get into the creative zone:


  1. Size up the project and materials in your mind. Get a grasp on the technique and how the materials work together. If you’re getting stuck, we recommend stepping away from the project for a moment, then tackling it with a fresh perspective. 99% of the time guaranteed you’ll have a little creative light bulb moment.
  2. Explore a few concepts and mediums and find the one that you vibe with the most. Try your hands at macramé knotting, or the fun vibrant which is resin art. If you find you’re more of an artsy sort, rather than crafting, why not grab your fav bottle of drop and join in on an evening of one of our Paint + Sip workshops. Or if you’re wanting an activity that you can curl up in on the sofa with and get lost in for hours, come along to a coiled basket weaving workshop, or beginners crochet. (check out our workshops to see what else is on).
  3. Start your mini makers young with the mad creativity skills and check out all the workshops we have on over the school holidays for the primary schoolers, and tweens/teens. If you have a tot, pack the pram and join us for the monthly Mama + Cub Craft Club meet up (yep we start them young around here with crafting creations).


We could shout from the rooftops so many other benefits and bonuses of a good ol’ crafting sesh. With a variety of workshops of all shapes, colours and sizes, catered to any age and level, we love being part of all of the creative magic you all bring. So have a digital detox for a day and your heart and home will be singing with your creations.